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Somnium is a realm with many lands, and many lords. A land of love and loss, a land of heroism, and evils. This is the first book, and others will follow. Somnium has unique races designed like non other, lots of different types of weapons and armor, and lots of decisions that can lead to different fates. This is a story where you create your own character, fight in daring trials, earn lots of profit, command large armies, dwell in dangerous dungeons, and unlock the secret of the Realm of Somnium!


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Keep in mind I am a novice and hope to acquire the tools to develop this into a more complex. However for now as long as you have a pencil and paper or a virtual notepad you'll be all set! All donations would be greatly appreciated, but in all honesty I would rather get noticed than get paid. Sharing this story to others is more important to me because I want everyone to enjoy this world! I have other projects in mind as well of different genres but I want to see how this one plays out!